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J – Hospitality & Tourism Management is registered with Mauritius Qualification Authority ( MQA) as a Training Institution Delivering international programmes in Hospitality, Tourism and Business Management courses from well recognized UK bodies CTH – Confederation in Tourism & Hospitality as well as ABE, Association of Business Executives.

Since February 2012, JHTCC now J – HTM  has been involved in Training and consultancy services for the tourism sector in Mauritius. 

To continue its growth J – HTM is working towards establishing collaboration with renowned awarding bodies such as ABE- (Association of Business Executives Uk), CTH- ( Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality – UK ), AIES – American Institute of Extended Studies USA )so as to be able to provide internationally recognized qualifications.
J – HTM has been set up by Mr. Satyajeet Soorjonowa and Mrs. Pooja Boodevi Soorjonowa in 2012.Mr. Satyajeet Soorjonowa holds a Masters of Business Administration from London Metropolitan University and he has above 20 years of experience in both training and tourism industry. Mrs. Soorjonowa holds a Master’s of Science in Educational Administration and Technology from the University of Technology and a Master’s of Science in information & Communication Technology from University of Mauritius. She also has above 15 years of experience in teaching.
J – HTM is a Private Training Institution operating in Mauritius and it enjoys the prestigious distinction of being recognized by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA). Recently, JHTCCs Ltd has shifted to a world class campus in the center of Quatre Bornes and shortly to another campus in the heart of Brand Bay best Tourism Village in Mauritius.
The Centre has been involved in the Tourism Industry in Mauritius since its establishment. For almost 5 years of operation, J – HTMhas been successful in training competent professionals for its field of expertise.

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J – Hospitality & Tourism Management (J-HTM) has always been flexible with the customised courses, workshops and training to meet the needs and requirements of the individuals. Students can register online and apply for admissions for a course they wish to undertake

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Hotel management in Mauritius has emerged as a thriving industry, driven by the rapid development of tourism worldwide. The tropical paradise of Mauritius attracts a multitude of visitors, and with that comes the demand for exceptional hotel experiences.

What are the benefits of studying in Mauritius as an International student at (J-HTM)

  • High-Quality Education: Study in Mauritius and experience a robust education system that offers high-quality education that meets international standards. Mauritius is a regional leader in high-quality education at all levels. Teachers and faculty come from all over the world and bring their knowledge to Mauritius to share in their classes. As a student, you can choose from a wide variety of courses to gain valuable skills and knowledge that will prepare you for your future career.
  • Cultural Diversity: Mauritius is a beautiful melting pot of cultures, making it an attractive destination for international students. Studying in Mauritius provides a unique and enriching educational experience that enables you to learn and appreciate the rich and diverse culture of Mauritius. There are people from all over the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas! This environment creates a beautiful opportunity for students to learn different perspectives and make lifelong connections with people from all different backgrounds
  • Affordable Tuition Fees: Looking for an affordable study destination without compromising on quality? Compared to other places, studying in Mauritius is a cost-effective option for international students with affordable tuition fees, making it an attractive option for students looking for a budget-friendly study destination. For example, at The American Campus, our degrees are the same degrees that students would get if they studied in the US, but for a fraction of the cost! We also offer MQA-approved certificates and UK-accredited degrees at competitive rates. There really is something for everyone!
  • Job Opportunities: Students in Mauritius can work part-time alongside their studies. This can help them cover their basic living expenses while completing their studies. Mauritius also offers plenty of job opportunities for graduates in various fields, thanks to its growing economy and multinational companies setting up their operations in the country. Studying in Mauritius can open doors to exciting job opportunities, giving you a head start in your career. For example, many students who graduate from our CTH/ABE UK go on to work on cruise ships and in hotels.

How much is the study and living cost in – (J-HTM)/MAURITIUS

  • Tuition fees Yearly $ 3500
  • Living Cost Yearly (Accommodation/food/transport) – $ 2000
  • Diploma/Degree Completion -2yrs
  • Graduation Ceremony – Yearly
  • J-HTM Courses – CTH/ABE UK Worldwide recognition in 50 countries
  • Guaranteed Paid Internship in 4*/5* star hotels with exclusive reference

What are the INTERNSHIP opportunities in – (JHTM)/MAURITIUS

  • JHTM has strong network in MAURITIUS and facilitate internship of students in 4*/5* hotels/resorts with Paid Stipend and good working environments.
  • The Monthly stipend varies as from $ 300/400 USD and good performers can earn up to $ 500/600.
  • The resorts/hotels grant powerful reference letter upon successful completion which help students to get better job opportunities worldwide.

How long will it take for STUDENT VISA PROCESSING

  • JHTM is among those top institutions as being awarded a GOLD CENTRE by CTH in 2022 and our academic records of 95% pass rate facilitate visa processing for International Students by authorities.
  • JHTM got a tailor-made check list approved by authorities and upon successful submission of right documents by students/education consultants, student visa can be processed & delivered within 45 working days.

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