Mystery Guest Program

Mystery Guest Program

This program allows the staff to confidently ask questions about the guest’s perspective of the hotel. The program is conducted by experienced guest assessors and hotel evaluators. The program can measure compliance with industry standards or individual property or entire group. This can be tailor made to focus on specific needs and corporate standards.

How does it work?

The mystery guest program will assess an actual guest experience for a specific service, group of properties or individual property. Once the person visits the property he/she creates an assessment based on company standards and quality standards.

Who is it for?

It is designed for an independent and moderate boutique to a large international hotel group. It provides an unbiased and accurate view of the guests for all services and facilities.

What to expect?

Inspection of the property with the desired branding and image standards. Comparison with the competitors to establish guest’s perception and the business position in the market. Analysing the guest audit, hotels can consolidate the strengths and recognise the areas of development.

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